Me and You

“Collapse into me

I promise,

You’ll never have to

Fall again.”



Well, this was really unexpected but yeah this marks the beginning…And though the achievement is small but bigger is the happiness and the value of this very first event.😁 A lot more is on the way, and a lot…lot more is there to be achieved yet😃…


तकिये पर अश्क देखकर सौ सवाल उठे…

हमने हँस कर कह दिया ख्वाबों के दाग हैं।


ग़लत किया ऊपर वाले ने

जो सिर्फ दो जज़्बात दिये

उनका तो सोचा होता

जिन्हें हँसने के मौके तो मिले ही नहीं

और रो कर भी ज़ख्म न भर सके…


Those eyes are now fatigued,

Yet he is young to earn.

His old shoes are tattered,

Yet, daily his feet run.

His number has increased,

Yet every ache he has shun.

His life is monotonically coloured,

With pain and plain; no joy no fun.

For he has an ache long buried,

In his heart; Miles away

He has his son,

Who is still to come,

He does these tedious chores,

Daily as he dreams,

‘My son will one day,

be a better version of me’…

But he does not know,

What his son frames,

In the shades of darkness,

His son feigns,

His own life,


His father’s wearied old eyes…


Image Credits:-

Manish Kumar Singh (Insta: ourmoodydays_365)

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