The Secret- Review

So here i am sharing my views upon this book. Would love to hear from you all – those who have read it already or yet to read.😃

Book- The Secret(⭐⭐⭐)

Author- Rhonda Byrne

Genre- Non-fiction

Cost- 799/- (Indian Currency)

The most important thing you have to keep in your mind while reading this book is- the protagonist in this book is none other than YOU.

The book is immensely motivating if you start believing in what it says.

Well, i have heard many of negative views about this book. But personally i would say there is nothing wrong in ‘Staying Positive’.

The book is all about How your belief in you creates a complete system comprising of YOU, YOUR Thoughts, and this Universe as your biggest prop ever in the way of making your dreams come true.

Well, i haven’t gone through any miraculous changes so far in my life, similar to those mentioned in this book.

But i definitely managed to shift to a optimist from an utter pessimist. The words of legends around the world, quoted in this book voraciously suuport its idea.

I would suggest you to read this book if you are really nervous about something or suffering through a setback. It would help you to change your thought process and you would definitely feel sorted.

For the Optimistic ones i would say this book is good but you hold the key of this book already in your mind!😀

You just have to be “Get!…Set!…Go!!”😁

Please share your experiences and changes if you’ve gone trough, keeping the theme of this book as the key of your door. 😊😊



“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others in this entire vacillation of sky.”


(Its not that good though😋 but just an impression of memories on paper.)

“Let life find you

However long it may take…”

And i found the ‘lost me’…giggling with joy- in your eyes, with your love…💝

This is a token of thanks to the second most important person of my life… (first are my parents always.😇)

I feel, every moment of this journey is very special for me…

The way we met as strangers,

The way we fought as insane rivals,


The way we adore as alter-ego of eachother.

I wont say that ‘it still appears to be a dream’ but rather i accept it as the beautiful reality of my life…and therefore i feel utterly blessed in every bit of this reality…

Thank you for taking away all my fears, my anxiety, my unstability, and for understanding and accepting me the way i am.

I am really grateful to you for not being confined to just one portfolio rather turning yourself into the need of my hour….

Taking up several characters and playing them in the best way possible…

Be it my father figure… Be it the replica of my world’s best care taker- my mumma. Or the storehouse of all my black and white mysterious secrets- my bestfriend. And yeah ofcourse as what you are- a partner in its true sense…

I still feel i am at a loss for words😅

So here is my confession,

As dark as i am,

I will always,

find enough light,

To adore you to pieces,

With all of my pieces…💞


“Baby, your hands are too soft

To hold long…”💞




Oh, maybe that’s why,

You left them forever…


चिराग हो के न हो, दिल जला के रखते हैं,

हम आँधियों में भी, तेवर बला के रखते हैं।

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