प्रियतम छवि नैनन बसी तो फिर क्या देस-विदेस…

“जल्द तुझे भी ले जाऊंगा” कह प्रियतम गये परदेस।

गया हर दिन नयी आस में पर मिला न कोई सन्देस,

सोच यही सब सावन बीते कि-

प्रियतम छवि नैनन बसी तो फिर क्या देस-विदेस!

तभी शोक का उमड़ा सागर सा, मन हो विचिलत यूँ हाय!

नहीं लौटे प्रियतम मेरे, अपने भी हुए पराए!

छोड़ गये अब साथ हमारा माता-पिता भी परम लोक समाये।

फिर भी ना लौटे प्रियतम मेरे….अंधकार सा हुआ जग मेरा…

मन रह-रह कर बुलाए-प्रियतम कि बस एक झलक हो तो रौशनी भर जाये!

हुए मुग्ध थे प्रिय यूँ मेरे छाई तन-धन की वासना,

हूईं अनसुनी “उनकी रक्षा करना” कीं सब कामना!

ना जाने कैसे भूल गये अपनी प्रिये को जानना?

भूला दिया सारा जग मैने बस बची थी अब एक आसना-

“प्रियतम छवि नैनन बसी तो फिर क्या देस-विदेस”।

 सात बरस तब हुए थे पूरे जब प्रियतम लौटे फिर देस,

अपनी नई पत्नी संग फिर एक बार इस घर में किया प्रवेश।

शोक-विलय कि अश्रुधार सा निकला सब आशाओं का  झूठा वेश…

ना प्रियतम छवि नैनन बसी स्वदेस भी हुआ परदेस!!


Sagacious Dilemma

via Sagacious Dilemma (A Collaboration) 

Yet another collaboration with Mr.Aquib Khan. A great poet and a Wordsmith. I think most of my dear readers are knowing him well on WordPress. Some of you might be his avid readers too. No doubt he is awesome.😊


Please Help us with the title my dear readers.

Unsung war, or sagacious Dilemma?
Poetic periscope

The fight between me and the devil that resides ..

The craving of bad things the desires of wrong…But everytime I kill it…It adds  a charm to my beauty of soul

The darkness of night in which devil is powerful in that darkness I seek lessons from that.

The crusade against that devil of mine

That craves me out for felony acts and desire of perverse pride..

I set a rage against thine; rage rage against the dying of light

Those scars of struggle then turn;

into the glowing charm of ‘following and remembering the Divine.’

The darkness of night in which devil whispers his knell,

So powerful and ferocious are those chants of ‘death-spells’.



The divinity I face is far superior than those,

Feeling of a halo charms kill all malevolence. 

I rise up high and high in honour and persona.

Since I gave up all my worldly diaspora.

Those black and white things.

That sojourn innately in our own beings.

Those callous mortals often succumb to these.

Leeching to the blackness Supreme.


And Then I turn up again standing in the mid-flow of mighty stream once again!

With the undying faith in my heart

While this time- I whisper in my devil’s ear…

You are just a stream and I am the Storm.

The Good and White shall always sustain and your darkness and evil shall surely perish again and again.

By heart the message from God and you shall be saved from seeing the mirror on the ‘day of judgement’ and escape the sight of your eerie life that went in vain.



The trepidation of the jacquard boulevard,

I swayed far away smelling the cryptic carroding tars,

I hatched out from the paltry reprisals

Gathering small lights that scatter.

It pierced the shadows of the darkness,

I sung the tune; a divine tune,

That I received from the rope of the Almighty.

Bewildering cantankerous bulwarking walls.

I embark to the alley treaded by refulging stars.

©Copyright reserved 2018

Poetic periscope and !ns¡ght. 


Nandita Gupta 

Aquib khan.

Halt!( Just 2 minutes please…)

Dear Readers, from last two-three days I am witnessing the harassment cases…Physical, verbal, mental etc… 

One was with me only two-three days ago. So this is all what urged me to write this up…I hope I am not being wrong here. I wish what I convey today that would help someway…Though I am not here to open any “Mahila shashaktikaran morcha”.

Now a days this harassment is going on to be so common…But why? Maybe because writing up post expressing our weakness is certainly strengthing those sick people I feel. I am not saying that we shouldn’t express our feelings and thoughts but maybe that is the time where we need to prove ourselves even more stronger than what we were the last time…

I think evil things are everywhere be it people or some situations…But I think we should make a step forward and show them up even more bright 32 teethed smile which they once tried to shut up! 

And believe in Time and Almighty. 

My life too has not been a golden diary though. But what my inspiration was to come uptil here and survive, I would like to share today.

It was the only sentence of that rape victim who was heinously charged by those evil demons in Delhi. 16th of December. 

Still, while she was in the hospital unable to speak up she wrote on the letter pad that “Maa mujhe jeena hai” OR “Mom I wanna live”!

 I think if she had such courage then we…By stepping back and quitting are somewhere or the other disrespecting not only ourselves but the daring courage of that girl too. Though she is no more but not always the living ones are the source of inspiration. There are some who even at the moment of their last breath are capable of leaving a mark on our hearts!

So please don’t give up! Please don’t! I hope my words haven’t hurt anybody’s emotions. And I hope this would convey a positive stream of vibes among all my dear readers.🙂🙂


Your gentle presence:-

A herald of eminence and laughter…

Your amorous talks:-

A fresh wave for the sussurate of my shimmery-shining leaves of love…

The ‘lock’ of you arms:-

A swift key to the transparent world of peace; An estrangement from the world of ‘hiding-masks’.

The mirror of your vision:-

Lustrates and reflects the monotonus light, enlightening  my present…

That’s YOU-who deserves the best of me…and the same you shall always be,                                                                              To be with me as long as i live in this mortal ‘Me’,

And after the life, when i leave to harmonize as a part of infinity…


Well, December commences with lots of happiness and celebrations for me #lucky month😇😇😋

A simple day was made special by my bestie…Celebrated a little but awesome 18th birthday. Yo!!!🤘🤘 Along with that happiness of completing one year one Word Press with such great people like you all…And then again Ho!Ho!Ho! Christmas here added on the charm of the day.😄😄Merry Christmas to all of you!😊😊