Hidden meanings

Well…I think this single picture says a lot about this huge world and it’s people…

What do you think? 🙂



“Boldly be a pop of colour in this black and white world!”😉wp-1482841221026


The ‘Me’

​I wish there could be another world,

Fullest of ‘Me’ and no other word.

A lovely place where nothing to abide,

But hush! This heaven shouldn’t confide.

And I would escape to its deepest site,

To live in peace; omitting the sight of other world’s plight.

Adieu to the weeps and to the one’s I cried for,

Because I have found Myself for ‘Me’ to adore.

Here I would merrily count the passing aeons,

As unlike the previous world here is nothing to forlorn.

And in the end I have a phenomenal plan to implement further,

I would turn this ‘Me’ to my beautiful sepulchre.

Since now I have lived the ages in my one age,

I would let my soul to sleep to wake up and beautifully write the next page.


एक ज़माना वो था- जब खाना साफ और शांत दुकानों पर, और जूते बाज़ार की सड़कों पर बिकते थे।

और एक ज़माना ये भी है- जब खाना सड़क किनारे बिकता है, और जूते ए.सी. शोरूम में सजते हैं।।
वाकई हम कितने माॅडर्न हो गये हैं!!


I realize that the world has changed SO much…when i see that the food necessary for life is available on streets whereas the shoes which are wore on feet are sold in A.C. Showrooms!


Her blindness did not allow her to witness the merciless world…

And that’s the reason why her eyes always had a glimmering spark in them…

 The Theme

Those extra ‘sugar-coated’ from outside are the only ones extra ‘villainous’ from inside. 

# Great theme of world-‘Appearance vs Reality’!

Mine VS Somebody’s

“She is everything infact the world to you, now she has a deep pain and she needs a lot of love because the guy left her whom she loved the most.” When-

The girl is your daughter.

“She is characterless and sly because she dedicated herself to somebody she loved the most, and now broke up, such girls shouldn’t exist.” When-

The girl is Somebody’s daughter!

 # No matter the Pain, the situation is Same…but Sympathy, Support and Sadness is valid only when She is your daughter. Even the words go different if the girl is different. Such is the condition of world…Shame!

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