एक ज़माना वो था- जब खाना साफ और शांत दुकानों पर, और जूते बाज़ार की सड़कों पर बिकते थे।

और एक ज़माना ये भी है- जब खाना सड़क किनारे बिकता है, और जूते ए.सी. शोरूम में सजते हैं।।
वाकई हम कितने माॅडर्न हो गये हैं!!

Mine VS Somebody’s

“She is everything infact the world to you, now she has a deep pain and she needs a lot of love because the guy left her whom she loved the most.” When-

The girl is your daughter.

“She is characterless and sly because she dedicated herself to somebody she loved the most, and now broke up, such girls shouldn’t exist.” When-

The girl is Somebody’s daughter!

 # No matter the Pain, the situation is Same…but Sympathy, Support and Sadness is valid only when She is your daughter. Even the words go different if the girl is different. Such is the condition of world…Shame!