She wore her troubled past,

Like scars-

She had been through battle,

And though no one could see her demons,

They could see the face that conquered them…




Has been

Through Hell.

So believe me when…

I say,

Fear her when she looks…

Into a fire and smiles!


Swiftly walking through,

The alley of my lively childhood.

I wore that
white anorak,

Of my smile,

As an apparel of my soul.

I then,  embarked on sledge,

Of youth,

with it’s might unknown.

Adorned with my
white anorak,

Dazzling as a precious
white stone.

But then the slippery ice-white as my smile,

but of pseudo incarnation; made situations

And led me on a path,

perilous  and unknown.

Then a light you yearned,

Was there in your heart.

A faith that you lacked,

Ultimately got the spark.

You then illumined by divine inspiration.

You chose the path that,

Masses find difficult to walk.

‘oh sweet soul, don’t worry now,

Your affairs are in the hand of The Master,

Now just bow down and returneth to Thee,

For He will see behind your back.’

Your face now glows,

A demure that you once had.

You now ressurect from the dark alley.

Into the zone of elysium,

Where traitors don’t reach…

# White- pure

White- colour.


Dear readers, i was finding difficult to write the latter part of the poem. So Mr.Aquib Khan helped me to complete this poem of mine, by adding his magical words and exemplary thoughts in it…

The second stanza of this poem is penned by him. No doubt he is a wordsmith and not only he is a good human being but a great friend too….really.😁😁

Please visit him @ if you haven’t yet. His blog is just full of his best works and worthy of being followed.

Thank you Aquib ji.😊




लम्हा वो नहीं जब तुम हमारे पास आए थे।

लम्हा वो नहीं जब तुमने हम पर पूरी तरह ग़ौर फरमाए थे।

लम्हा वो भी नहीं जब तुमने हमारी तारीफ़ों के गज़ल गाये थे।

लम्हा तो सिर्फ वो था जब आज तुम दिल से मुस्कुराये थे।।

Share happiness

We have numerous reasons to sigh upon…whether they belong to old past or are of some recent days, we forget the good we have in our life… why? 

Because we just share the bad things to our really close ones…but never utter a word about the good…

Let’s see how much we can share our little happiness, do comment and share☺…share to make others smile hearing the reason of your smile. 

# Here i share mine:-

I scored well in my National Level Examination. So the meritorious students were awarded laptops by the state government. And I was the only girl, seated among the students who scored highest.😀😀



किसी के चेहरे पर …                                                                     होठों से खिंची एक साधारण रेखा,

अगर दिल के घावों से…                                                                  उमड़ते दर्द का परदा बनी हो

तो वो सिर्फ मुस्कान नहीं…                                                             अतुलनीय भव्यता बन जाती है।।


The most incredible smile is the one

 Which is simplest but strong enough to hide scary screams and that killing pain in heart.


Nobody understands the pain we are going through…

Nobody understands the amount of happiness we get by little things which are just too close to our heart…

But the only feeling we can mutually share and feel is Love.

Those who win their love…come to know what it is to love and to be loved equally and passionately. And that their happiness actually lies in their partner’s smile…see just a smile!☺

And those who lose it or have one sided love…come to know what it is to see somebody happy without you. And what it is to love truly, that is to sacrifice your love, to supress your feelings for their smile and ultimately to achieve that painful happiness…☺


Don’t cry for the  guy who has left you, Smile. Because the right  man would fall for your smile!

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