Any man can take a good woman and treat her good and live happily ever after.

But only a select few can take a broken woman with a troubled post or present and show her what real is.

Build her upto the point where she feels as if only he can understand her…


Come on!


It’s specially for those so called Swaggers who think it’s so damn cool to say…

“Sister fu**er” ,,,, “Motherfu**er”etc… etc.

Please grow up guys. It really marks you very cheap!


आज की इस तारीख की ख़ासियत का तुझे इल्म भी है?

 आज पूरे हुए उसी पुराने वादे का मन में ज़रा ज़िक्र भी है?

 जिसको सर आँखों पे रख हम हर रोज़ तनहाई को आब की तरह पी गये,

ये बता जान-ए-जिगर मेरे उस प्यार के लिये तेरे दिल में इज्जत की ज़रा सी किश्त भी है?

A Relation

Distance  never kills a relation…

Closeness never builds a relation…

It’s Care and Respect for one’s feelings that makes a relation!


Let’s not just take the name of The Almighty only in our words…

Rather start Respecting and Adoring His most beautiful canvas, He gifted to us…’The nature’ for we-the mortals have been recklessly destroying and staining the beauty of Almighty’s imagination since centuries…


There are two stages in our life when we are helpless for our own help.

1- When born…And our mother helps us, teaches us to sit, stand and then walk…forgetting about all her rest and peace.

2- When we are on the final stage of life…And people help us not just to sit or stand but rather to get up…above all and get over…forever…biding us the final farewell.

A Mother is the only only one who can not only bring life but teaches us how to make that life sustainable and worth of living.

#Respect Mothers. For every Mother is the best creation of The Almighty.

Social Ash

​Sikandar (on bike): save yourself O ladies cuz now I am here…yahoo speeding over 100!!..

Ustad (on road): hey you roadside Romeo has God taken your eyes away along with brain??

Sikandar (stops the bike): hey you P.A. of devil don’t dare to tech me ha…don’t you know I am Sikandar!

Ustad: nah! You are more like a bawandar(Tornado)…

Sikandar: you bloody…***…cheap***…moth**f***…sis***f***!!!...***,

Sikandar moves ahead…

 Whereas Ustad plans against sikandar follows him to his home along with his friends.

Few days later….

Ustad(on bus stop, to his friends): hey look! This is that same Sikandar’s sister na…come on it’s time for revenge. Her sister shall face the same what he said to my sister and mother…

Ustad and his friends grab the girl from the bus stop…they took her to a solicited area and did the same with sikandar’s sister what Sikandar said…but to ustad’s sister…

In the whole incident we met- Ustad and his friends and Sikandar.

The incident and quarrel and all the spat was between the two.


We also met one more person who was NOT AT ALL a part of this incident. sister of Sikandar. But ironically she became the merest victim of this rivalry…

Dear readers…it’s a message through an incident that we should think before we speak. Especially about somebody’s sister, daughter, mother or any other female family member. And also the fact of the matter is “Stop using such vocabulary and swear words. What you say no matter it keeps any value for you or not but can prove to be the most charging upon your sister your mother in fact.” 

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