He had thousands of friends and great fan following on social medias…

Still he was fond of lonliness. Perhaps he did not have even that one relation that could complete him!

# Today people have become so friendly on social medias. 

Not because they are “socially active” but because they are just too lonely in their real life that even thousands of people in friendlist can’t help them being complete as a man.



The foundation of our house(relation) we kept, was ‘love‘…

But was slowly made hollow by your betrayal!

But still you want to live in the same building of ‘glass‘…

Just because it ‘shines‘!!


House was a relation.

And became a building– just a tag of relation.


जिस घर की नींव हमने ‘प्यार‘ रखी थी…

उसे तुम्हारे ‘धोखे‘ के दीमक ने खोखला कर दिया!

और तुम अब भी उस पर बने ‘शीशे‘ के मकान में…

सिर्फ उसकी “चमक” के लिये रहना चाहते हो!!


घर- रिश्ता था   और…

मकान- नाम का रिश्ता बन गया।