Has been

Through Hell.

So believe me when…

I say,

Fear her when she looks…

Into a fire and smiles!



Just tried sketching down the thought which just touched my heart…

Love can sometimes be a magic,

But magic can sometimes be an Illusion…

Slave of wishes

A Sisyphus is breathing,

Yet again! Still tired-

A soul captured in ,

A girly-body vessel,

Perhaps this time,

Burdened under the,

Wishes of others,

And she would,

Yet again, Do,

All those works,

To see smiles,

Stretched on faces,

Of many people…

And to feel,

The tears of,
Forceful Suppression…
Rolling down Her eyes...

A halt

I feel your ubiquity,

Everytime you halt here.

Your wicked eyes keep,

A cunning-clever watch,

Fearing your safety lost!


There is that past,

Silent, though crying hard.

Yet Your hawk-eyes still,

Hunt for better peices,

Of beauty to swoop.


Oh DEER! please don’t,

Ever be afraid anymore.

I’m never gonna sing,

Of your awful sins,

In ears too deaf.


Yes, you should know,

I am still lurking.

To feed the crave,

Of my shattered soul,

With the “justice-cuisine”.



Is coming for all.

There shall we meet,

In front of the Divine,

To hear His verdict!


And you should know,

That everything, He knows.

Every tear that rolled,

Every pain that groaned,

And the measure of all.


I hope you understand,

The Gravity Of Words.

So don’t be a passerby,

Or don’t make a halt,

Or caste your black- shadow…

Ever…ever here anymore!




My eyes are bleeding today,
And my heart is slowly weeping…
As my eyes witnessed those deep dried waters,
Which pierced through them slowly like the sharp edges of ice,
And sensed by my brain with much groaning ache,
And conveyed to my heart, a letter which wrote…

A flirt
A selflessly loving foolish heart”



जिस दौर से हम गुज़रे हैं ना,

उस दौर से अगर तुम गुज़रते, तो गुज़र जाते।


You are that rain, 

Which dampens me up with sticky pains,

But the desire of your feel is such insane,

That forces me everytime to be standing out and facing up; feeling the first few drops of acid…

Drenching my heart heavily in that solicitous lane…


A Truth uncovering truths

“I have a confession to make” said Philippa in a sardonic and mysterious tone… 

The four police constables dressed in a highly professional manner- Kevlar vest, utility belt accompanying with the side arm.  The baton and the radio added on to the pride of the uniform. 

They stood round her, to finally have the sound of truth ringing in their ears, behind which they have been running like rats since months….

” It was three years ago when Steve and I met in the library of our hometown in Alvermere, London.” Said Philippa falling back into the chair but even deeper in her thoughts and memories of past!

The walls of the room echoed the heightened frequency of that eerie silence.  At times it was only that brassy wind that dared to blow in to turmoil the silence by shaking the long dead fashionably clinging Ivy leaves, hustling in stubbornness. 

Philippa continued “We were in the search of same book, as we both were graduating from the branch of Human Psychology…” and she wiped her welled up eyes roughly thrice within these couple of seconds… 

(To be continued..)😊

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