Any man can take a good woman and treat her good and live happily ever after.

But only a select few can take a broken woman with a troubled post or present and show her what real is.

Build her upto the point where she feels as if only he can understand her…



Leave him,

For even if you die

this once,

You’ll be born again

To live

A thousand times

Without him…

Forget me not…

Tell me if you ever cared,

If a single thought,

For me was spared.

Tell me when you lie in bed,

Do you think of something,

I once said.

Tell me if you hurt at all,

When someone says,

My name with yours.

I may have been so long ago,

But I would give,

The world to know.


Just tried sketching down the thought which just touched my heart…

Love can sometimes be a magic,

But magic can sometimes be an Illusion…


Love can sometimes be a magic…

But magic can sometimes be an Illusion !


Life is a celebration which stretches till You

As long as the wine of my soul,

Pours down lovingly to shape up the ‘Alluring You’!



My eyes are bleeding today,
And my heart is slowly weeping…
As my eyes witnessed those deep dried waters,
Which pierced through them slowly like the sharp edges of ice,
And sensed by my brain with much groaning ache,
And conveyed to my heart, a letter which wrote…

A flirt
A selflessly loving foolish heart”


My child- A Teenager!

Hundreds of articles that are being written nowadays clearly potray the ‘Great Indian Thinking’ about their children. Specially when their child is a Teenager.

It is as if It has been stuffed in the  ‘Read Only Memory’ of their brain that a Teenager knows nothing other than getting off the track, brain less and a stubborn and distracted human being.

But they don’t realize how much they have been able to change with the time, how much they have moderned up themselves in order to match the fast pace of this world?

How much facilities they have actually provided their children in order meet their so High expectations.

This is something every parent should think before estimating their child and bombarding him/her with statements like “You are worthless, you are waste, you are nothing!”

Nowadays I think the whole world is either on whatsapp or facebook. But I have seen people who have forbidden their children from using any such social apps. Why? And more over they even want (when they aren’t using that app) they should know each and everything about it.

And if note that ‘if’ by mistake one says “I don’t know” then man you’re gone.

You want the child to conquer the world but you don’t have time to buy them enough books and for God’s sake if that child is a girl you don’t even want her to step out from home..Leave the world…How the hell she gonna score good marks??

Nowadays all necessary informations are being transferred to each other via whatsapp or other such social medias. The child is neither on facebook nor on whatsapp as they are the so-called “doze to become simply vagabond”. How will he/she collect the notes? Will they be dropped for him/her from heavens above??

My focus is not upon what and how but my focus is upon what it will lead to. That child will simply have a breakdown if he/she suffers or remains in the same kind of environment. He/she will then lead to depression. And being a witness myself I know it’s damn hard to cope up from it. What all comes finally in the mind is SUICIDE!

And if not, they they really get off the track and do something which really tears apart every bit of them. They either commit a crime or they get into trap of others who just use them for their pleasure and then they leave even worsening their condition mentally and physically. This could be really henious sometimes.

All what happens is due to such strict parenting leading the child dooming to death. Its just a humble request or appeal please don’t consider teenagers totally dumb-struk, senseless, headless or fool etc…etc…

Please support them provide them, enough love, take care of them but don’t overpeer them so that they can bloom in their most important stage of their lives. Please don’t crush them by your orders and judgemental views. Please! A humble request.



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