She wore her troubled past,

Like scars-

She had been through battle,

And though no one could see her demons,

They could see the face that conquered them…



Any man can take a good woman and treat her good and live happily ever after.

But only a select few can take a broken woman with a troubled post or present and show her what real is.

Build her upto the point where she feels as if only he can understand her…


I got some good quotations and I feel that they are worth sharing, they are quite inspirational.

I hope you all will like them.😊😊


Sometimes I stay up too late,

and I think too much,

and once again,

I feel you more than I should.

But I’ve always had a weakness for you,

Even if it’s just your memory.

The closeness we shared was rather a curse,

For we were never meant to be together,

Some planned plots were therefore needed,

To destroy those unplanned ‘plight-plots’,

For we were a part in each other’s life,

But we share only differences,

and hence shall never be a part of each other’s life…

Forget me not…

Tell me if you ever cared,

If a single thought,

For me was spared.

Tell me when you lie in bed,

Do you think of something,

I once said.

Tell me if you hurt at all,

When someone says,

My name with yours.

I may have been so long ago,

But I would give,

The world to know.

Those “Ex (s)-“

As it is said :-

“You meet people for a reason,

Either you get a person for life,

Or a lesson for life…”

Though I met countless people in my life…I am ultimately left with just two of my true friends…

Those two friends of mine…I mention here that both of them are Muslims, as it is a common myth that two people from different religions can’t be good friends, I put an example of myself to nullify that myth, we three share a relation which needs no words to define, and a trio of girls is enough for a big massive gang of boys in case of friendship.😁😁😎

And also to be noted that it’s been 8 years, no matter what, we are sharing the same love and friendship with each other 😁😁.

Dear Hazra and Fauziya love you both.❤❤😘

For the rest, each time I got a person i thought he/she would be there for me,,, turns out just to be a delimma of mine.

People enjoy talking to you till they are interested in you because of any x,y,z reason but as soon as they get bored of you, they just find a simple way out that is of putting false blames and bad mouthing you badly, so that eventually you yourself leave them, even if he/she is the only person you have loved so dearly after your parents, or a friend whom you had assumed that he/she will be there for you in the long run.

And in this way, they become your ‘Ex-‘ in a very quick witted way…

Lol! It was a caution statement from my side for all beautiful souls haha…

Because there are people out there who have have their personal greed bigger than the respect of any kind of bond or relation.

So plz be cautious and please if there are similar people in your life, please make yourself understand the fact and kick them out of your life,

To make them understand your importance and advice them good for their own life is like putting your own foot onto the axe (apna paer kulhadi me marna)😂😂

I Hope none of you is in the same condition as mine,, have good days dear people…Enjoy life, and if nothing is left…then just remember that your mirror is always your true friend…And never loose hope🙂🙂

Slave of wishes

A Sisyphus is breathing,

Yet again! Still tired-

A soul captured in ,

A girly-body vessel,

Perhaps this time,

Burdened under the,

Wishes of others,

And she would,

Yet again, Do,

All those works,

To see smiles,

Stretched on faces,

Of many people…

And to feel,

The tears of,
Forceful Suppression…
Rolling down Her eyes...

The turning point

We(most of us) aren’t happy with what we are upto, because somewhere inside our hearts we know that we deserve much better. And we wait for that same turning point in our lives which would probably give us the portfolio, the respect and the name we actually deserve.

We see various examples in our lives, like people who became famous overnight and we think what did they do so unique that they became what they wanted to be, and we remained at the same place, held behind the bars…

Well, I think we can never find the answer to this question in this outer world, for a while, at a particular phase of life we need to disconnect us from all temporary bonds. And just peep inside yourself, ask what you are worth for, and how you gonna achieve that.

Running behind your idols is like making pigs fly, you don’t necessarily need to do the same thing as they do.

Of course, you are unique and your skills will differ, you need to find that very point, that very atom in your soul which is just so unique that nobody else in this world has! And for this you will have to know yourself, look at yourself and identify who you are!

And that very point will be the turning point of you life! Of course google can answer almost everything, but even the google can’t help you when it comes to your personal uniqueness.

I think we all have something good in us and goodness in our hearts, but over the time, going through so many incidents and situations, we keep forgetting that very emotion of goodness in us, in order to deliberately achieve something we forget about the purpose for which we are made.

And yeah one which I know is a purpose we all have I.E. To keep humanity alive in our hearts as well as in this world. Let’s complete this common purpose we share until we find that very purpose which is assigned only to me(as individual) and can be fulfilled only by me(as individual)

Good vibes dear readers, have a great time ahead.🙂


Life is a celebration which stretches till You

As long as the wine of my soul,

Pours down lovingly to shape up the ‘Alluring You’!


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