Life cycle

Stepping in the Past:-

Fingers numb,

Flashbacks run,

Tears roll up,

Words shiver,

Suppressing sobs,

Choking throat,

Lips stretch,

And bow down.

Like the flag,

Of a defeated army,

In the life’s battleground.


Stepping out the past:-

Fingers work,

Emotions numb,

Tired eyes,

Heated words of fight,

Suppressing anger,

Clearing throat,

Lips stretch,

And show up smile.

Hiding the hatred,

Like the mask,

People wear,

In the life’s battleground.


Hoping for the future:-

Fingers join; direct to God,

Wishes go up,

Spark in eyes,

Words of demand,

Melody from throat,

But shallow voice,

Lips stretch,

And make up excuse.

For wacky deeds all throughout,

Like the Cuckoo,

That appears sweet,

But kills the baby Crows,

For selfish motifs,

That grow in the little brow.


-Nandita Gupta.







download-10.               And finally you left…
Leaving aside all promises
Which were to be kept
Ignoring, neglecting all her cries
But tell me; What finally did you get?


And finally you left…
Dooming the conjuncture of two souls to demise.
Proving your words an aria of theft,
To please your evil desires of pervert pride.
But tell me; What finally did you get?


And finally you left…
Leaving her to die on ventilator with sighs,
Ever wondered how much she was depressed, distressed?
Never; As the villany in you was so very high!
Now tell me, reaching the age of 60-‘the age of memories’,.                                      Other than null and void what will you get?



आसमां के शून्य में, रंग भरोगे मेरे साथ?

धरती के मण्डल पे, जीवन लिखोगे मेरे साथ?

वायु कि अभिन्नता सा, प्रतीक बनोगे मेरे साथ?

अग्नि के ताप सा, मेरे मान के रक्षक बन, रहोगे मेरे साथ?

जल की शीतलता और पारदर्शता का सार ले, अविरल लय से बहोगे मेरे साथ?

हर दुखः में भी मेरे स्वामि से पहले मेरे मित्र बनकर आगे बढ़ोगे मेरे साथ?

और इसी तरह सही मायनों में जीवनसाथी बन ज़िन्दगी का स्वाद चखोगे मेरे साथ?


Swiftly walking through,

The alley of my lively childhood.

I wore that
white anorak,

Of my smile,

As an apparel of my soul.

I then,  embarked on sledge,

Of youth,

with it’s might unknown.

Adorned with my
white anorak,

Dazzling as a precious
white stone.

But then the slippery ice-white as my smile,

but of pseudo incarnation; made situations

And led me on a path,

perilous  and unknown.

Then a light you yearned,

Was there in your heart.

A faith that you lacked,

Ultimately got the spark.

You then illumined by divine inspiration.

You chose the path that,

Masses find difficult to walk.

‘oh sweet soul, don’t worry now,

Your affairs are in the hand of The Master,

Now just bow down and returneth to Thee,

For He will see behind your back.’

Your face now glows,

A demure that you once had.

You now ressurect from the dark alley.

Into the zone of elysium,

Where traitors don’t reach…

# White- pure

White- colour.


Dear readers, i was finding difficult to write the latter part of the poem. So Mr.Aquib Khan helped me to complete this poem of mine, by adding his magical words and exemplary thoughts in it…

The second stanza of this poem is penned by him. No doubt he is a wordsmith and not only he is a good human being but a great friend too….really.😁😁

Please visit him @ if you haven’t yet. His blog is just full of his best works and worthy of being followed.

Thank you Aquib ji.😊