I thought about you with love today,

But that’s nothing new.

I thought about you yesterday,

And days before that too.

I think of you in silence,

I often speak your name.

All i have are memories,

And a ‘diary’ of our amorous tale.

Which I’ll never part.
May God have you in his keeping,

And i shall keep you forever in my heart… 



लम्हा वो नहीं जब तुम हमारे पास आए थे।

लम्हा वो नहीं जब तुमने हम पर पूरी तरह ग़ौर फरमाए थे।

लम्हा वो भी नहीं जब तुमने हमारी तारीफ़ों के गज़ल गाये थे।

लम्हा तो सिर्फ वो था जब आज तुम दिल से मुस्कुराये थे।।

The War

The war is still going between two realms of the soul..


The Brain says “He  betrayed you,used you, made you weep all along…he shouldn’t be bothered anymore.”


The Heart says “These were the reasons for parting up. But can never run down The Feelings i had The Love i felt and The Care i did…even when you were asleep i gave this soul the reason to be at Peace.”