प्रियतम छवि नैनन बसी तो फिर क्या देस-विदेस…

“जल्द तुझे भी ले जाऊंगा” कह प्रियतम गये परदेस।

गया हर दिन नयी आस में पर मिला न कोई सन्देस,

सोच यही सब सावन बीते कि-

प्रियतम छवि नैनन बसी तो फिर क्या देस-विदेस!

तभी शोक का उमड़ा सागर सा, मन हो विचिलत यूँ हाय!

नहीं लौटे प्रियतम मेरे, अपने भी हुए पराए!

छोड़ गये अब साथ हमारा माता-पिता भी परम लोक समाये।

फिर भी ना लौटे प्रियतम मेरे….अंधकार सा हुआ जग मेरा…

मन रह-रह कर बुलाए-प्रियतम कि बस एक झलक हो तो रौशनी भर जाये!

हुए मुग्ध थे प्रिय यूँ मेरे छाई तन-धन की वासना,

हूईं अनसुनी “उनकी रक्षा करना” कीं सब कामना!

ना जाने कैसे भूल गये अपनी प्रिये को जानना?

भूला दिया सारा जग मैने बस बची थी अब एक आसना-

“प्रियतम छवि नैनन बसी तो फिर क्या देस-विदेस”।

 सात बरस तब हुए थे पूरे जब प्रियतम लौटे फिर देस,

अपनी नई पत्नी संग फिर एक बार इस घर में किया प्रवेश।

शोक-विलय कि अश्रुधार सा निकला सब आशाओं का  झूठा वेश…

ना प्रियतम छवि नैनन बसी स्वदेस भी हुआ परदेस!!


A father

“A father is neither an anchor to hold us back, 

Nor a sail to take us there,  but a guiding light WHOSE LOVE shows us the way. “

Great quotation but still too less to describe A Father…

Since the day a child is born a father gets ready to lock his emotions and feelings up and hide it behind the vicinity of the child. 

If a child stumbles and falls down every father becomes happy!

Yes, because he does not marks that his child has fallen down but becomes happy because his child is learning.

A father would never hold his child in his arms to safeguard him. But would teach, and set his child free to choose his own right path. 

A father would never sing for his son’s success or ability because he would still have the greed, the only greed to see his son leaving behind the limit called ‘perfection’.

A father would never show up the marks of difficulties he faced in getting his child enrolled in that big college. He would always pretend to be rich so that his son could ask with zero hesitation.

And when that same father turns old children leave him like a showpeice kept to fill the voids of room…

Now a days these children are so much busy in their so called important social media stuffs, that the death of his own father does not counts as much as the ‘Hindu-Muslim’ rivalry.

 Instead of supporting their family, their mother, the grown-ups are busy accepting ‘friend-requests’.

The relation which was established even when they were not even born to this world becomes lighter in front of that unknown so-called friend. “You and Angel Ameena are now friends” Great! woah!

Death of parent has rather become a ‘stuff to post’ that would certainly warm up the the wall of the guy and increase in number of comments.

Two days have passed hardly since the father has gone and people post things like “our community is unsafe…it is in danger”

…Unable to hold on the family at the time of such utter grief and posting about the dangers and harms to the community…

Such is the thinking and cheap mentality of today’s youth. It has really shook me down to the core. Such people either do not have heart or do not have the that human personality that would differentiate them from an animal.

I hope that father would atleast be resting in peace now…after such long battle he had been silently fighting deep inside his heart since years…

फिर से…

चलो फिर से आज जन्नत में जहन्नुम का नज़ारा दिखाते हैं…

चलो फिर से आज प्यार में धोखे का फसाना सुनाते हैं…

वैसे तो लोग उस दर्द भरे किस्से के लफ्ज़ आज भी फिज़ाओं में बहाते हैं…

लेकिन चलिये जाने दीजिये कौन सा हम आपको एक पल में आँसुओं के सैलाब और दुखों के पहाड़ तले दबाना चाहते हैं!!

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