I got some good quotations and I feel that they are worth sharing, they are quite inspirational.

I hope you all will like them.😊😊



Sometimes I stay up too late,

and I think too much,

and once again,

I feel you more than I should.

But I’ve always had a weakness for you,

Even if it’s just your memory.

The closeness we shared was rather a curse,

For we were never meant to be together,

Some planned plots were therefore needed,

To destroy those unplanned ‘plight-plots’,

For we were a part in each other’s life,

But we share only differences,

and hence shall never be a part of each other’s life…


Life is a celebration which stretches till You

As long as the wine of my soul,

Pours down lovingly to shape up the ‘Alluring You’!



Today again the flame of your memories is burning ablaze in my heart…

Today again uncountable times my girdle has gone wet by these unending tears…

But still like these several years even today on our anniversary i have fulfilled my duty.

Today again just like a wife i have made this world believe in restraints rather than your betrayal!

(Translated from Hindi Post “त्याग”)


Today again my heart is so melancholic…

That finally i lost myself in the rum of words!!

After all very few pains are so very deep…

That they remain unburried even in the oceans of tears!!

A Relation

Distance  never kills a relation…

Closeness never builds a relation…

It’s Care and Respect for one’s feelings that makes a relation!

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