A day will come when i don’t need this flesh…my soul will escape and the flesh will melt…

And i will escape to another world…where God showers his ‘silvery-shining’ blessings upon the good soul…keeping aside the parameter of beauty of the vessel in which my soul was captured, in the previous world….

# MyArt.


The ‘Me’

​I wish there could be another world,

Fullest of ‘Me’ and no other word.

A lovely place where nothing to abide,

But hush! This heaven shouldn’t confide.

And I would escape to its deepest site,

To live in peace; omitting the sight of other world’s plight.

Adieu to the weeps and to the one’s I cried for,

Because I have found Myself for ‘Me’ to adore.

Here I would merrily count the passing aeons,

As unlike the previous world here is nothing to forlorn.

And in the end I have a phenomenal plan to implement further,

I would turn this ‘Me’ to my beautiful sepulchre.

Since now I have lived the ages in my one age,

I would let my soul to sleep to wake up and beautifully write the next page.


“Sometimes i really wish i could escape this world for sometime…

Just to step out from all those boundations, stopping me from feeling and expressing the hidden love i have for you!

And then to come back again with a reflection of all what i couldn’t say through words, to express it all with my eyes…”

#Religion, Age, Caste, Society, Rituals, Customs, Language…boundations no more…