Below are some images which will clear out the gloomy face of the so called 21st century!

The last image is the real picture of Asifa(the victim- an 8 year old child)…Before and after the crime.

At some places the picture is shown blurred…But I think the picture should be clearly shown because it describes what kind of people are living in our surroundings!

This is what even words cannot define…So let the picture portray the brutality.

Can you imagine? How can there be such demons living in human form…This is exactly what will make every human feel ashamed of lacking humanity.



India is really developing… “Desh aage badh raha hai”.

I am presenting a news which will show the reality.

Ashifa, an eight year old muslim child, who belonged to a village in J&K. She was kidnapped, kept in a temple for eight days, abducted, gang-raped multiple times, and was later multilated into peices.

Please read the short paragraph in the image below.

(News source- The Dawn).

This was the news I saw on T.V. a while ago, and I also heard the opinion of her family members.

The old man was probably her grand-father. What he demanded was pure justice for his little child. Not even a single comment did he make on the hindu religion or the hindu community.

And the woman was probably the child’s mother she just described her beautiful and innocent child and made request to punish the culprits. NO SINGLE COMMENT ON HINDU RELIGION OR THE HINDU COMMUNITY.

BUT, on the contrary the crime was a planned plot and was done with an intention of revenge because of the conflict and hatred between the two religions.

We hindus know what temple means to us. We know how sacred and high value it has in our hearts and IF somebody dares to do such a heinous crime, I think they should be given nothing less than capital punishment.

They are just de marking the religion, In fact they aren’t worthy to belong to this religion.

It’s a SHAME! ON us how can we even dare to use such sacred places to do such henious crimes?? And not just this place or that why the hell any rape should be there!

Just because the girl is a muslim means what? She is to be raped and to be multilated into peices??

Such people in a way represent how much we dedicate ourselves and respect our deities and sacred places. Goddess Durga, Pravati, Lakshmi, Sarasvati, Kali(ALL FEMALES)…And many more are Goddess and we preach them and when it comes to reality we rape them!

On a survey it has been found that in a decade rapes in U.P. have increased by 3 times and in India by 2 times.

And those people who have a mindset of silly views like “All muslims are terrorists”, I think you all got a crispy-salted-spicy blow on your faces. Please stop having such creepy mentality.

PLEASE lift up your mental level and think rationally.

It really does not matter to which religion you belong, all what matters is what kind of mentality and personality you have. I think all religion impart the message of honesty, mutual-respect, truthfulness and keeping views of high value.

I am not supporting or criticizing any religion, caste or any individual. I am criticizing the views we hold up that are completely trash and obsolete.

#Justice for Ashifa.

My child- A Teenager!

Hundreds of articles that are being written nowadays clearly potray the ‘Great Indian Thinking’ about their children. Specially when their child is a Teenager.

It is as if It has been stuffed in the  ‘Read Only Memory’ of their brain that a Teenager knows nothing other than getting off the track, brain less and a stubborn and distracted human being.

But they don’t realize how much they have been able to change with the time, how much they have moderned up themselves in order to match the fast pace of this world?

How much facilities they have actually provided their children in order meet their so High expectations.

This is something every parent should think before estimating their child and bombarding him/her with statements like “You are worthless, you are waste, you are nothing!”

Nowadays I think the whole world is either on whatsapp or facebook. But I have seen people who have forbidden their children from using any such social apps. Why? And more over they even want (when they aren’t using that app) they should know each and everything about it.

And if note that ‘if’ by mistake one says “I don’t know” then man you’re gone.

You want the child to conquer the world but you don’t have time to buy them enough books and for God’s sake if that child is a girl you don’t even want her to step out from home..Leave the world…How the hell she gonna score good marks??

Nowadays all necessary informations are being transferred to each other via whatsapp or other such social medias. The child is neither on facebook nor on whatsapp as they are the so-called “doze to become simply vagabond”. How will he/she collect the notes? Will they be dropped for him/her from heavens above??

My focus is not upon what and how but my focus is upon what it will lead to. That child will simply have a breakdown if he/she suffers or remains in the same kind of environment. He/she will then lead to depression. And being a witness myself I know it’s damn hard to cope up from it. What all comes finally in the mind is SUICIDE!

And if not, they they really get off the track and do something which really tears apart every bit of them. They either commit a crime or they get into trap of others who just use them for their pleasure and then they leave even worsening their condition mentally and physically. This could be really henious sometimes.

All what happens is due to such strict parenting leading the child dooming to death. Its just a humble request or appeal please don’t consider teenagers totally dumb-struk, senseless, headless or fool etc…etc…

Please support them provide them, enough love, take care of them but don’t overpeer them so that they can bloom in their most important stage of their lives. Please don’t crush them by your orders and judgemental views. Please! A humble request.



Proud of Criminals

I am awe struck to see the criminals and their proud over their deeds nowadays…

And the most interesting fact is that they do the same thing with others and pretend as if they themselves have been wronged by someone.

They spoil lives behind the shades and showcase their masked face of being utterly rational to the world.

I wish to break my silence…Just went through the news paper when I saw this article.

I am really amazed to see that people are protesting and writing against the thing which they know is being well performed by the male members of their own family. Shame! Shame on such people.

This is the only reason why in most of the cases the voices, the cries are curbed. The only thing is “badnaami”.

And people knowing that their own brother is spoiling lives of girls taking advantage of their minority, feeding his lustful desires are shamelessly spilling ink over the collars of other males (atleast first look into your own family!) and pointing fingers over other people. They certainly don’t realize that change starts from within. Not by pointing fingers and flowing words and getting them printed over papers. The same words need to have an impression upon the minds of atleast the one writing them. But sadly….They just know how to fulfill needs and pockets!28161899_1700525623346726_6641919576556844419_o

Truth uncovering Truths #3

Phillipa continued “He enraptured me by his impression,  and this lead to an other meeting of the two of us…slowly with time we came closer and…”

Phillipa was completely engulfed in the memories of those amorous days, when her Steve for her was probably:-

the best human of this world,

 the most handsome guy of the town,

 and a centre of few girls who were mad about him- their so called crush!

She continued “After one year we decided to turn this into a relationship and settle down with each other. Steve met my mom Ruth. She lives in a village nearly 40 kilometres from Alveremere. “

“And you know we got married in December the same year!”

Phillipa’s glee was touching heights now…she was no doubt living her dead past again…

The constables at that moment had only one question hammering their minds “Was she really so much attaached with Steve? Or she is just creating an alibi to get the stains crime washed off…” 

To be continued.😊

Truth uncovering truths #2

One of those constables asked “What made you do this? ” but Philippa sighed no answer, and blowed out a hefty breath. 

She continued “It was our first meeting Steve appeared to be  gentle and a wise man by his words…”                                               “We had a deal in the first meeting itself.  As we both grabbed the same book but neither of us stepped back.  So we decided to meet a week later and i made my word to give the book to him. ”    

Meanwhile one of the constables nodded up with an equally unusual question as his face – “Then did you people meet next?”

Two voices came up One of “Yes!!” and the other of- grimming of Phillipa’s teeth in distress…

She told- “The next time we met in a coffee shop nearby my house in Alvermere. And there i kept waiting for an hour almost. ”     “That unusual and vexatious waste of time took my temper on verge when i heard Steve calling me up saying “Hi Phillipa”…”

“He got well aware of my state by my mere contortions.” She said. 

And she continued by saying that Steve told her that he was late because he was busy helping an old man who met with an accident on Charterhouse Street and none of his family members could have been found at the spot.

Her eyes welled up and her lips streched to give themselves a vague and pleasing look….

Phillipa was certainly lost deeper into the thoughts of that Steve whom she loved more than herself…

To be continued…😊

Thank you.

A Truth uncovering truths

“I have a confession to make” said Philippa in a sardonic and mysterious tone… 

The four police constables dressed in a highly professional manner- Kevlar vest, utility belt accompanying with the side arm.  The baton and the radio added on to the pride of the uniform. 

They stood round her, to finally have the sound of truth ringing in their ears, behind which they have been running like rats since months….

” It was three years ago when Steve and I met in the library of our hometown in Alvermere, London.” Said Philippa falling back into the chair but even deeper in her thoughts and memories of past!

The walls of the room echoed the heightened frequency of that eerie silence.  At times it was only that brassy wind that dared to blow in to turmoil the silence by shaking the long dead fashionably clinging Ivy leaves, hustling in stubbornness. 

Philippa continued “We were in the search of same book, as we both were graduating from the branch of Human Psychology…” and she wiped her welled up eyes roughly thrice within these couple of seconds… 

(To be continued..)😊


कहते हैं जो कुछ होता है उसके पीछे कोई न कोई वजह होती है, 

मगर  सच यह है कि उस वजह के पीछे छिपे हर क्यूँ का जवाब नहीं होता….

जब एक लड़की के साथ जुर्म होता है

तब वजह गिनाने वाले कुछ इस तरह कहते हैं-

“बड़े बाप की बिगड़ी औलाद”

“कपड़े इतने छोटे होंगे तो यही होगा ना”

“इतनी रात को क्या सड़क नापने गई थी बाहर?”

अगर आप इतने बड़े ञानी हैं तो जुर्म करने वाले का भी पथप्रदर्शशन क्यूँ नहीं किया? या फिर कुछ तो टिप्पड़ी करने को ही जीवन का सुख समझते हैं तो याद रखें की आपके साथी कल भी वही होंगे मगर पीड़ित कोई आपका अपना भी हो सकता है! 

याद रखिये कि आपका काम तो टिप्पड़ी कर खत्म हो गया लेकिन उस लड़की का जीवन रही सोचने में निकल जाता है कि क्यूँ आखिर क्यूँ!

खड़े होकर तमाशा देखने वाले बहुत होते हैं। 

कल को जब खुद पे बीते तो ये सोचने में समय व्यर्थ ना करे की कोई मदद करने आगे नहीं आया आखिर क्यूँ!

लड़की को आज भी शाम के सात बजे के बाद बाहर रहने पर रोक लगाना तो ये ना सोचना कि बिटिया कुछ बन क्यूँ नहीं पाई! 

आज-कल छोटी-छोटी बातों पे लोग खासकर (किशोर वर्ग) एक दूसरे कि माताओं-बहनों के लिये अपशब्द बोलते हैं। तो ये भी याद रखें कि आपका आवेश और अगले कि मान हानि कि भरपाई आपके ही कहे अपशब्द आपके अपने के लिये सत्य बनकर बदला न ले लें।

तब ऐसा कहा हि क्यूँ का जवाब नहीं मिलेगा!

और जो लोग कपड़ों को लेकर बड़े जागरूक हैं वो ये भी जानें कि केवल कपड़ों का कुसूर नहीं क्यूँकी हाल ही में शर्म से परे, जुर्म एक छह महीने की बच्ची के साथ हुआ था।
कपड़े कैसे भी हों तन पर सज के उसे परदा करते हैं मगर आपकी नज़र तो आपके चिरित्र का आईना है साहब! कृपया अपना आईना साफ रखियेगा।

# ऊपर लिखे शब्द भावनाओं से जुड़े बेहद संवेदनशील मुद्दों को उठाते हैं किसी भूल-चूक के लिये छमा। समाज के इस नये उभरते चहरे पर कुछ विचार।

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