A letter to Prime Minister

Honorable Prime Minister Of India.
Respected P.M., Greetings to you Sir. I am writing this letter being concerned about the safety of women and awareness and welfare of people in the country.

As nowadays crimes against women have become a matter of great concern, we need effective and lasting measures to be taken, in order to ensure the safety and security of women.

It is my humble request and also my great privilege to be able to put up this idea of including a chapter in the common text book of all streams of class ninth(9th) and tenth(10th) regarding the awareness about these crimes, the factors and situations which lead a person to commit such crimes, the social, mental and physical problems faced by the victim and the effects of happening of a crime not just on the victim’s life but also on the country as a whole.

This will certainly help children to learn better and setup a positive mindset in their very teen-age. With this, there will be a psychological and mental approach towards awareness of things and descretion of being able to judge between the right and wrong throughout their lives.

Thank you so much Sir for taking out time from your extremely busy schedule to read this letter.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours Sincerely,

Nandita Gupta

This is a letter I wrote recently to the honorable Prime Minister of India, putting up my humble request for a change.

I think if this idea is considered to be worthy of implementation, Hopefully it will bring about the change and complete(atleast to some extent) the purpose of introducing all this in text books.

In my views, if class 9th and 10th students are mature enough to understand about the Male and Female biological frame of body, and chapters like ‘The Reproductive System’ and ‘Puberty’ then, they must be mature enough to read and understand the consequences of crimes which happen daily in some region or the other region with not just women but girls and even very little female children too. Crimes such as Molestation, rapes, eve-teasing, public harassments and it’s worse affects on the victim’s social, mental and psychological condition as well.

If you really think this can help…Then please support this either by sharing or commenting or maybe in your own respective way…Because the fact cannot be denied that there is a dire need of change.

I know It will take some time but surely it will bear the fruit(Hope fully).

Nothing can be made cock-sure though. But atleast we should try with whatever we are upto.

Please do comment your views and advices regarding this, they are greatly welcomed.

But it is a request kindly read the letter completely and the post before suggestions.🙂


Come on!


It’s specially for those so called Swaggers who think it’s so damn cool to say…

“Sister fu**er” ,,,, “Motherfu**er”etc… etc.

Please grow up guys. It really marks you very cheap!

Revolution 2020

We all are well aware of the term ‘Revolution’. Getting into literal meaning it basically means to ‘Re-evolute’, I.e. to turn around.
We as Indians hold a dream of becoming a ‘developed nation’ since decades. We, being the dutiful citizens of our country are constantly giving our contribution for ur development and growth. No doubt it has really hiked the betterment but all these changes are subjected to the area of science and technology. What about the arena of law and justice?. Yes an ‘Arena’ !
Current conditions In India have become no less than an ‘Arena’ where the victims who even dare to protest are suppressed by social pressure or by the power of political backgrounds. However, justice cannot be an assured as a right of people specially girls belonging to the mediocre section of society in India.
Changes have occurred so voraciously that now the criminals themselves commit crime, supress the voices of victims and then protest against the same thing which previously they had done to fulfill their needs and desires. It’s because no actions were taken against them out of different social and political fears planted in the heart of victims.
Now…Witnessing this reality and still holding up an image of a ‘developed country’ as a youth would be like a satire on the face of youth and the kind of society we are building up.
Rather, putting up voices in unison and demanding for a safer surrounding and a more strict and a more reliable judicial system is what would be called as the foundation of a concrete ‘development’.
But change, as a fact is not an individual’s responsibility. The need of the hour is to start thinking on the basis of balance and equality.
We as youth prioritize gender equality in each and every field. But we forget about the balance between science and morals. Which indeed is resulting in crimes opening their arms wide and engulfing men, women and children in it’s darker shade.
People nowadays specially the youth is so active socially that we express each and every other feeling on Facebok and other social medias. And therefore our expressions have merely become a fanciful thing to be showcased but not to be thought of.
‘Revolution 2020’ has nearly more than one year to come true. And what we can actually make happen should not always be large and huge. There is always a dire need to fix up minorities before looking up for majorities. So in this time span we in unison can hold up a picture of a better and a safer India. Which we can actually make to happen logically and practically, just If we make those small changes and start acting than expressing.
In the end, let’s think about switching the scenario rather than switching fingers on keyboard. Let’s make a move and mark the beginning for a change!images-4


Streching out,

From here to then,

Days before us came and went.

Someday we will meet again,

For Now- the end,                                                                        of days,On end.

Great Words

Hello Dear Readers! Today as usual i have got some nice thoughts to share but unlike everytime this time these words are not mine. But rather they are the messages given by some great personalities that i would be grateful to share. I hope you read them and find them worth of your knowledge. 😊😊

Well…in all these thoughts of people sometimes we really find the point where we are weak or what has to be changed to make us unique perfection like all of them above! Reading these great lines all i can say is:-

“Your Life is not to wear fashionable clothes,

Life is a cloth to wear that should always be in fashion!”


When the bird is alive, it eats ants.

When the bird is dead, ants eat it.

One tree can be made into a million matchsticks, but only one matchstick is needed to burn a million trees!

Today whom you leave just as an option in your life, one day the same person will be the biggest need of your life.

Circumstances can change anytime don’t betray or hurt the one who really loves you.

You maybe powerful today but time is more powerful than you!


एक ज़माना वो था- जब खाना साफ और शांत दुकानों पर, और जूते बाज़ार की सड़कों पर बिकते थे।

और एक ज़माना ये भी है- जब खाना सड़क किनारे बिकता है, और जूते ए.सी. शोरूम में सजते हैं।।
वाकई हम कितने माॅडर्न हो गये हैं!!


I realize that the world has changed SO much…when i see that the food necessary for life is available on streets whereas the shoes which are wore on feet are sold in A.C. Showrooms!



“Distance makes hearts grow fonder.”

In today’s world people have descended to,

“Distance makes hearts go forget.”!

#Matter of two words and decision of two lives.

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