Streching out,

From here to then,

Days before us came and went.

Someday we will meet again,

For Now- the end,                                                                        of days,On end.


Great Words

Hello Dear Readers! Today as usual i have got some nice thoughts to share but unlike everytime this time these words are not mine. But rather they are the messages given by some great personalities that i would be grateful to share. I hope you read them and find them worth of your knowledge. 😊😊

Well…in all these thoughts of people sometimes we really find the point where we are weak or what has to be changed to make us unique perfection like all of them above! Reading these great lines all i can say is:-

“Your Life is not to wear fashionable clothes,

Life is a cloth to wear that should always be in fashion!”


When the bird is alive, it eats ants.

When the bird is dead, ants eat it.

One tree can be made into a million matchsticks, but only one matchstick is needed to burn a million trees!

Today whom you leave just as an option in your life, one day the same person will be the biggest need of your life.

Circumstances can change anytime don’t betray or hurt the one who really loves you.

You maybe powerful today but time is more powerful than you!


एक ज़माना वो था- जब खाना साफ और शांत दुकानों पर, और जूते बाज़ार की सड़कों पर बिकते थे।

और एक ज़माना ये भी है- जब खाना सड़क किनारे बिकता है, और जूते ए.सी. शोरूम में सजते हैं।।
वाकई हम कितने माॅडर्न हो गये हैं!!