Truth uncovering truths #2

One of those constables asked “What made you do this? ” but Philippa sighed no answer, and blowed out a hefty breath. 

She continued “It was our first meeting Steve appeared to be  gentle and a wise man by his words…”                                               “We had a deal in the first meeting itself.  As we both grabbed the same book but neither of us stepped back.  So we decided to meet a week later and i made my word to give the book to him. ”    

Meanwhile one of the constables nodded up with an equally unusual question as his face – “Then did you people meet next?”

Two voices came up One of “Yes!!” and the other of- grimming of Phillipa’s teeth in distress…

She told- “The next time we met in a coffee shop nearby my house in Alvermere. And there i kept waiting for an hour almost. ”     “That unusual and vexatious waste of time took my temper on verge when i heard Steve calling me up saying “Hi Phillipa”…”

“He got well aware of my state by my mere contortions.” She said. 

And she continued by saying that Steve told her that he was late because he was busy helping an old man who met with an accident on Charterhouse Street and none of his family members could have been found at the spot.

Her eyes welled up and her lips streched to give themselves a vague and pleasing look….

Phillipa was certainly lost deeper into the thoughts of that Steve whom she loved more than herself…

To be continued…😊

Thank you.



वादे निभाने में हम इतने उलझ गये,

पता ही ना चला कब तुम इतने बदल गये।

तुमसे मिलकर खुश रहने के अरमान जितने थे बुने,

तुम्हारी बेवफाई से एक पल में धूल में मिल गये।

किसी और के लिये तुम तो हमें एक पल में भूल गये!

लेकिन हम फिर भी तुम्हें यहाँ खुश देखने का वादा लेकर,

रूह के साथ वहीं-कहीं आसमान की ओर रुख़्सत हो गये…

फिर से…

चलो फिर से आज जन्नत में जहन्नुम का नज़ारा दिखाते हैं…

चलो फिर से आज प्यार में धोखे का फसाना सुनाते हैं…

वैसे तो लोग उस दर्द भरे किस्से के लफ्ज़ आज भी फिज़ाओं में बहाते हैं…

लेकिन चलिये जाने दीजिये कौन सा हम आपको एक पल में आँसुओं के सैलाब और दुखों के पहाड़ तले दबाना चाहते हैं!!


Today again the flame of your memories is burning ablaze in my heart…

Today again uncountable times my girdle has gone wet by these unending tears…

But still like these several years even today on our anniversary i have fulfilled my duty.

Today again just like a wife i have made this world believe in restraints rather than your betrayal!

(Translated from Hindi Post “त्याग”)

Well, Not just a Love Story #2

Yes dear! I LOVE YOU. And will continue loving you forever.

You were my first love and will last till my breaths break up the chain with the beats of my heart.

The day i accepted you in my life i took you not just as my lover…but as the one with whom i would share all my silly talks to laugh and the most painful reasons to weep.

Yeah, for sometime it went on to be the same as i presumed. After such long time of struggles, pain, weeps, depression, abuses etc…I wasfinally free to Smile once again!😀

Well, I have never witnessed aheaven where God lives. But have surely lived in a heaven which wasblessed by God and was gifted by you.

But it has been rightly said “However the time is, it passes by.”

And this time too…passed away. But i couldn’t discern it all at once simply because…that heaven meant much…much more than anything else to me. 

Slowly distances began to grow between two of us…less talks and more ignorance.

 Well…each relation faces some ups and was okay. But it wasn’t okay anymore when you brought someone else between the two of us.

I still continued to love you. The only difference i could make out was that i could not express my love to you.

Well…months later you apologized and still those feelings were so strong that i couldn’t resist myself from accepting you back. Even a criminal deserves a second chance, so did you.

However a constant fear of being betrayed again prevailed each second in my mind…and a constant doubt was there. But still, somehow i managed to kill those doubts and fear. 

But today you again seem to be going back on what you were…you have probably forgotten the love, the feelings and the care we had for eachother.

You forgot that when you suffered from that serious disease i never stepped back. I was always there by your side. 

I feel the you’ve forgot all that since the day you started abusing me, and telling me constantly that the abuses and the physical molestation i faced being a girl, I deserve it.

Your words of “You deserve all that” constantly ring in my ears till date. And your abuses still perishmy heart. 

Yes, I still love you. And will continue to love you. But i also love my and I  respect my self-respect.  And so i leave you. 

Accepting the truth that you are no more with me has made me to shift from my house to hospital. I am suffering from anxity, depression and some say a mental disorder.😔

It has been a month and you never knew…because you never bothered.☺ 

Well i wish someday you realize that all what you did was needless. The world lacks true love and i know that i loved you truly with all my heart…but you, you lost it dear. 

Good wishes to you. I hope you find a better partner this time and be with the one taking her to be the only one in your life.


To be continued…☺