download-10.               And finally you left…
Leaving aside all promises
Which were to be kept
Ignoring, neglecting all her cries
But tell me; What finally did you get?


And finally you left…
Dooming the conjuncture of two souls to demise.
Proving your words an aria of theft,
To please your evil desires of pervert pride.
But tell me; What finally did you get?


And finally you left…
Leaving her to die on ventilator with sighs,
Ever wondered how much she was depressed, distressed?
Never; As the villany in you was so very high!
Now tell me, reaching the age of 60-‘the age of memories’,.                                      Other than null and void what will you get?




प्रियतम छवि नैनन बसी तो फिर क्या देस-विदेस…

“जल्द तुझे भी ले जाऊंगा” कह प्रियतम गये परदेस।

गया हर दिन नयी आस में पर मिला न कोई सन्देस,

सोच यही सब सावन बीते कि-

प्रियतम छवि नैनन बसी तो फिर क्या देस-विदेस!

तभी शोक का उमड़ा सागर सा, मन हो विचिलत यूँ हाय!

नहीं लौटे प्रियतम मेरे, अपने भी हुए पराए!

छोड़ गये अब साथ हमारा माता-पिता भी परम लोक समाये।

फिर भी ना लौटे प्रियतम मेरे….अंधकार सा हुआ जग मेरा…

मन रह-रह कर बुलाए-प्रियतम कि बस एक झलक हो तो रौशनी भर जाये!

हुए मुग्ध थे प्रिय यूँ मेरे छाई तन-धन की वासना,

हूईं अनसुनी “उनकी रक्षा करना” कीं सब कामना!

ना जाने कैसे भूल गये अपनी प्रिये को जानना?

भूला दिया सारा जग मैने बस बची थी अब एक आसना-

“प्रियतम छवि नैनन बसी तो फिर क्या देस-विदेस”।

 सात बरस तब हुए थे पूरे जब प्रियतम लौटे फिर देस,

अपनी नई पत्नी संग फिर एक बार इस घर में किया प्रवेश।

शोक-विलय कि अश्रुधार सा निकला सब आशाओं का  झूठा वेश…

ना प्रियतम छवि नैनन बसी स्वदेस भी हुआ परदेस!!

Truth uncovering Truths #3

Phillipa continued “He enraptured me by his impression,  and this lead to an other meeting of the two of us…slowly with time we came closer and…”

Phillipa was completely engulfed in the memories of those amorous days, when her Steve for her was probably:-

the best human of this world,

 the most handsome guy of the town,

 and a centre of few girls who were mad about him- their so called crush!

She continued “After one year we decided to turn this into a relationship and settle down with each other. Steve met my mom Ruth. She lives in a village nearly 40 kilometres from Alveremere. “

“And you know we got married in December the same year!”

Phillipa’s glee was touching heights now…she was no doubt living her dead past again…

The constables at that moment had only one question hammering their minds “Was she really so much attaached with Steve? Or she is just creating an alibi to get the stains crime washed off…” 

To be continued.😊

Some truth uncovered…

“One day I’ll find her, 

And when they ask me how I knew she was the one,

I’ll tell them Because she loved me in spite of all the unlovable pieces she had to pick up! “

Now rewind to the past…

“She was the kind of pretty,

That you really didn’t notice when she was with you. 

Played with her emotions and betrayed her all the way long. 

But once you saw her in the middle of the night,

With messy hair and tired eyes and tears dancing across her cheeks! 

You would want nothing more than to kiss them away… ”


All you would do is to crave crave and crave to be with her again and at last it will go all in vain! 

Cry in pain…Remembering your flirty words to her…

“I’ll never let you down! 

Because life partners can meet twice but soul mates are met only once in life.”

Back Again

It’s not the end yet,

I am back again!

Soul broken hopes shattered;

No! I am no more that human in vain!

You burried me thinking me ‘No more of use’.

But oh devil-dear, you planted the phenomal woman this way!

Don’t you dare to gaze! My radiance will give you spooky chills and defuse.

You betrayed…oh what a positive start of day.

You were gone in silence and dark; leaving me scared,

But Thanks! I really did not know i will stand out so mighty and brave.

Now the wheel of time will turn the face of you-towards you,

And then ye mark that every fallacy hath your humor.

That every filthy mark a cinaedulus hath, belongs to you too!

And then you’ll remember the teachings of your worthiest parents that you took as ‘zero’ ever, and make regrets and dissolve in it forever!


आज वो बेवफा-बेहया अपनों की भावनाओं के साथ खेल खेल रहा था।

अर्धान्गनी को छलकर, परिवार को छोड़कर, शान से एश व आराम गिन रहा था।

अब क्या बताऊँ कितना मूर्ख था वो,

कि अपनी मलिन इच्छाओं और झूठी शान के साये में खुद अपनी बरबादी के दिन बुन रहा था!!


Yesterday i discovered a knife emerging close from my chest.

And so skillfully done by a hand   Whom i knew at my best.

That owner of hand once owned my heart                                             with Unfailing trust and relation so pure.

But i didn’t know that he had intentions so dark                                  To ‘use and throw’ he made his mind for sure.

 The one i wanted wasn’t the one who deserved me                                       His gestures good but intentions so mean.

Ah, i pulled it through…                   And licked that knife clean.

Yet another trophy                                For my dimnishing faith in love and humanity….