The foundation of our house(relation) we kept, was ‘love‘…

But was slowly made hollow by your betrayal!

But still you want to live in the same building of ‘glass‘…

Just because it ‘shines‘!!


House was a relation.

And became a building– just a tag of relation.


जिस घर की नींव हमने ‘प्यार‘ रखी थी…

उसे तुम्हारे ‘धोखे‘ के दीमक ने खोखला कर दिया!

और तुम अब भी उस पर बने ‘शीशे‘ के मकान में…

सिर्फ उसकी “चमक” के लिये रहना चाहते हो!!


घर- रिश्ता था   और…

मकान- नाम का रिश्ता बन गया।

Unceasing Love-2

​It was that bright Christmas eve…

When the very first word from you did I receive.

“Happy birthday!” was what your text read,

“Ecstatic and fun” was what in turn I said.

And that’s all because there we stopped our conversation,

But somewhere that hidden feeling came out with a louder vocalization.

Then, we talked everyday but with words of limited count,

But those feelings that already blossomed, knew no bounds.

And with every single beat of our hearts; there was birth,

Of a very unusual feeling which was full of mirth.

And then was the time I was adorned by the gift of God,

And the strings of my heart with yours tied up a permanent knot.

My dear I still wonder how did you manage to mingle,

A dead dark sky with the stars that still twinkle.

Yes, we belonged to different religions,

 Different age and different sections.

All over two completely different mounts,

but the divinity of love did not let those things have any count.

But, as the universal laws go on to be forever,

Like the ‘no moon Venus’ has always been a foe of ‘king of moons the Jupiter’!

Slowly, between ‘Me’ and ‘You’ there entered so many ‘He..,She..,they…’ and so on,

And thus, our bond vanquished with the weight of utter mistrust and delusion.

The deceiving dark mist took the purity of love into its shade,

But since the love was true, therefore it never got fade.

And years later when we crossed each other’s ways again, 

We got to know that they were those ‘Venus humans’ once again!

Who deliberately tried to kill two lovers again, 

as ‘My religion’ and ‘My caste’ flew like blood in their veins.

But a true love is a voracious blessing of God,

It can never go dull in front of those vile thoughts.

Once again the feelings of love revived as not just we, but our souls embraced,

And tears of joy and remorse flowed together as time itself confessed that yes, only for each other we are made.


I won’t say i am unique…

Rather i am like most other girls…

And just like them i wish to be with my prince charming someday.

But the only difference is that i will never take myself to be any less than a queen!

# In the bright light, be the Brightest!😉


Nobody understands the pain we are going through…

Nobody understands the amount of happiness we get by little things which are just too close to our heart…

But the only feeling we can mutually share and feel is Love.

Those who win their love…come to know what it is to love and to be loved equally and passionately. And that their happiness actually lies in their partner’s smile…see just a smile!☺

And those who lose it or have one sided love…come to know what it is to see somebody happy without you. And what it is to love truly, that is to sacrifice your love, to supress your feelings for their smile and ultimately to achieve that painful happiness…☺