download-10.               And finally you left…
Leaving aside all promises
Which were to be kept
Ignoring, neglecting all her cries
But tell me; What finally did you get?


And finally you left…
Dooming the conjuncture of two souls to demise.
Proving your words an aria of theft,
To please your evil desires of pervert pride.
But tell me; What finally did you get?


And finally you left…
Leaving her to die on ventilator with sighs,
Ever wondered how much she was depressed, distressed?
Never; As the villany in you was so very high!
Now tell me, reaching the age of 60-‘the age of memories’,.                                      Other than null and void what will you get?



The mystery blogger award

I am much grateful to receive this award and for the love and care my readers have given me….

Thank you so much for your kind support and words of appreciation you all have given me so far in this one year. Not much words are necessary to express when feelings are really true. So…Thank You all! Once again. And special thanks to Seema di for considering me worthy for the nomination. Her works are just exemplary and are worthy of every praise. Please follow her blog



आसमां के शून्य में, रंग भरोगे मेरे साथ?

धरती के मण्डल पे, जीवन लिखोगे मेरे साथ?

वायु कि अभिन्नता सा, प्रतीक बनोगे मेरे साथ?

अग्नि के ताप सा, मेरे मान के रक्षक बन, रहोगे मेरे साथ?

जल की शीतलता और पारदर्शता का सार ले, अविरल लय से बहोगे मेरे साथ?

हर दुखः में भी मेरे स्वामि से पहले मेरे मित्र बनकर आगे बढ़ोगे मेरे साथ?

और इसी तरह सही मायनों में जीवनसाथी बन ज़िन्दगी का स्वाद चखोगे मेरे साथ?