Your gentle presence:-

A herald of eminence and laughter…

Your amorous talks:-

A fresh wave for the sussurate of my shimmery-shining leaves of love…

The ‘lock’ of you arms:-

A swift key to the transparent world of peace; An estrangement from the world of ‘hiding-masks’.

The mirror of your vision:-

Lustrates and reflects the monotonus light, enlightening  my present…

That’s YOU-who deserves the best of me…and the same you shall always be,                                                                              To be with me as long as i live in this mortal ‘Me’,

And after the life, when i leave to harmonize as a part of infinity…



प्रियतम छवि नैनन बसी तो फिर क्या देस-विदेस…

“जल्द तुझे भी ले जाऊंगा” कह प्रियतम गये परदेस।

गया हर दिन नयी आस में पर मिला न कोई सन्देस,

सोच यही सब सावन बीते कि-

प्रियतम छवि नैनन बसी तो फिर क्या देस-विदेस!
तभी शोक का उमड़ा सागर सा, मन हो विचिलत यूँ हाय!

नहीं लौटे प्रियतम मेरे, अपने भी हुए पराए!

छोड़ गये अब साथ हमारा माता-पिता भी परम लोक समाये।

फिर भी ना लौटे प्रियतम मेरे….अंधकार सा हुआ जग मेरा…

मन रह-रह कर बुलाए-प्रियतम कि बस एक झलक हो तो रौशनी भर जाये!
हुए मुग्ध थे प्रिय यूँ मेरे छाई तन-धन की वासना,

हूईं अनसुनी “उनकी रक्षा करना” कीं सब कामना!

ना जाने कैसे भूल गये अपनी प्रिया को जानना?

भूला दिया सारा जग मैने बस बची थी अब एक आसना-

“प्रियतम छवि नैनन बसी तो फिर क्या देस-विदेस”।

 सात बरस तब हुए थे पूरे जब प्रियतम लौटे फिर देस,

अपनी नई पत्नी संग फिर एक बार इस घर में किया प्रवेश।

शोक-विलय कि अश्रुधार सा निकला सब आशाओं का  झूठा वेश…

ना प्रियतम छवि नैनन बसी स्वदेस भी हुआ परदेस!!

A father

“A father is neither an anchor to hold us back, 

Nor a sail to take us there,  but a guiding light WHOSE LOVE shows us the way. “

Great quotation but still too less to describe A Father…

Since the day a child is born a father gets ready to lock his emotions and feelings up and hide it behind the vicinity of the child. 

If a child stumbles and falls down every father becomes happy!

Yes, because he does not marks that his child has fallen down but becomes happy because his child is learning.

A father would never hold his child in his arms to safeguard him. But would teach, and set his child free to choose his own right path. 

A father would never sing for his son’s success or ability because he would still have the greed, the only greed to see his son leaving behind the limit called ‘perfection’.

A father would never show up the marks of difficulties he faced in getting his child enrolled in that big college. He would always pretend to be rich so that his son could ask with zero hesitation.

And when that same father turns old children leave him like a showpeice kept to fill the voids of room…

Now a days these children are so much busy in their so called important social media stuffs, that the death of his own father does not counts as much as the ‘Hindu-Muslim’ rivalry.

 Instead of supporting their family, their mother, the grown-ups are busy accepting ‘friend-requests’.

The relation which was established even when they were not even born to this world becomes lighter in front of that unknown so-called friend. “You and Angel Ameena are now friends” Great! woah!

Death of parent has rather become a ‘stuff to post’ that would certainly warm up the the wall of the guy and increase in number of comments.

Two days have passed hardly since the father has gone and people post things like “our community is unsafe…it is in danger”

…Unable to hold on the family at the time of such utter grief and posting about the dangers and harms to the community…

Such is the thinking and cheap mentality of today’s youth. It has really shook me down to the core. Such people either do not have heart or do not have the that human personality that would differentiate them from an animal.

I hope that father would atleast be resting in peace now…after such long battle he had been silently fighting deep inside his heart since years…

Truth uncovering Truths #3

Phillipa continued “He enraptured me by his impression,  and this lead to an other meeting of the two of us…slowly with time we came closer and…”

Phillipa was completely engulfed in the memories of those amorous days, when her Steve for her was probably:-

the best human of this world,

 the most handsome guy of the town,

 and a centre of few girls who were mad about him- their so called crush!

She continued “After one year we decided to turn this into a relationship and settle down with each other. Steve met my mom Ruth. She lives in a village nearly 40 kilometres from Alveremere. “

“And you know we got married in December the same year!”

Phillipa’s glee was touching heights now…she was no doubt living her dead past again…

The constables at that moment had only one question hammering their minds “Was she really so much attaached with Steve? Or she is just creating an alibi to get the stains crime washed off…” 

To be continued.😊

Truth uncovering truths #2

One of those constables asked “What made you do this? ” but Philippa sighed no answer, and blowed out a hefty breath. 

She continued “It was our first meeting Steve appeared to be  gentle and a wise man by his words…”                                               “We had a deal in the first meeting itself.  As we both grabbed the same book but neither of us stepped back.  So we decided to meet a week later and i made my word to give the book to him. ”    

Meanwhile one of the constables nodded up with an equally unusual question as his face – “Then did you people meet next?”

Two voices came up One of “Yes!!” and the other of- grimming of Phillipa’s teeth in distress…

She told- “The next time we met in a coffee shop nearby my house in Alvermere. And there i kept waiting for an hour almost. ”     “That unusual and vexatious waste of time took my temper on verge when i heard Steve calling me up saying “Hi Phillipa”…”

“He got well aware of my state by my mere contortions.” She said. 

And she continued by saying that Steve told her that he was late because he was busy helping an old man who met with an accident on Charterhouse Street and none of his family members could have been found at the spot.

Her eyes welled up and her lips streched to give themselves a vague and pleasing look….

Phillipa was certainly lost deeper into the thoughts of that Steve whom she loved more than herself…

To be continued…😊

Thank you.

A Truth uncovering truths

“I have a confession to make” said Philippa in a sardonic and mysterious tone… 

The four police constables dressed in a highly professional manner- Kevlar vest, utility belt accompanying with the side arm.  The baton and the radio added on to the pride of the uniform. 

They stood round her, to finally have the sound of truth ringing in their ears, behind which they have been running like rats since months….

” It was three years ago when Steve and I met in the library of our hometown in Alvermere, London.” Said Philippa falling back into the chair but even deeper in her thoughts and memories of past!

The walls of the room echoed the heightened frequency of that eerie silence.  At times it was only that brassy wind that dared to blow in to turmoil the silence by shaking the long dead fashionably clinging Ivy leaves, hustling in stubbornness. 

Philippa continued “We were in the search of same book, as we both were graduating from the branch of Human Psychology…” and she wiped her welled up eyes roughly thrice within these couple of seconds… 

(To be continued..)😊

The Sunshine Blogger Award

It’s a great pleasure for me to have got nominated for the Sunsgine Blogger Award by Shambhavi Mishra(Ek Beti). Thank you so much Shambhavi for that great appreciation.😊😊

Shambhavi is a prolific blogger. Her writings are mainly centred on the theme of the importance of a woman in every sphere of life. Her posts are great please visit her site:-

Okay so coming to the questions…

1. Blogging for you is…..?

Ans. It’s addiction for me.😉

2. A secret of your life….?

Ans. That i am ambidextrous cuz i can write with both of my hands simultaneously but afraid to do so as i read it results in mental retardation.😂

3. Explain yourself in a sentence?

Ans. Simple and sophisticated girl of independent views.

4. A person in your life whom you love most?

Ans. My parents.

5. What is your super power?

Ans. My Mumma.

6. What is your favourite meal?

Ans. South Indian…oh everything is yum!😄

7. What do you want to be in future?

Ans. I have heard many peope are businessman but so now it’s time to change it a bit to ‘BusinessWoman’.

 8. If u got a chance to change the future, what would u do?

Ans. Change the future into ‘nothing needs a change everything is so perfect.’

9. With whom you would like to spend some quality time?

Ans. …….

10. What are your views about ‘ todays woman’? 

Ans. Woman= Phenomenal+(And daily we are adding on to be more phenomenal).😉