India is really developing… “Desh aage badh raha hai”.

I am presenting a news which will show the reality.

Ashifa, an eight year old muslim child, who belonged to a village in J&K. She was kidnapped, kept in a temple for eight days, abducted, gang-raped multiple times, and was later multilated into peices.

Please read the short paragraph in the image below.

(News source- The Dawn).

This was the news I saw on T.V. a while ago, and I also heard the opinion of her family members.

The old man was probably her grand-father. What he demanded was pure justice for his little child. Not even a single comment did he make on the hindu religion or the hindu community.

And the woman was probably the child’s mother she just described her beautiful and innocent child and made request to punish the culprits. NO SINGLE COMMENT ON HINDU RELIGION OR THE HINDU COMMUNITY.

BUT, on the contrary the crime was a planned plot and was done with an intention of revenge because of the conflict and hatred between the two religions.

We hindus know what temple means to us. We know how sacred and high value it has in our hearts and IF somebody dares to do such a heinous crime, I think they should be given nothing less than capital punishment.

They are just de marking the religion, In fact they aren’t worthy to belong to this religion.

It’s a SHAME! ON us how can we even dare to use such sacred places to do such henious crimes?? And not just this place or that why the hell any rape should be there!

Just because the girl is a muslim means what? She is to be raped and to be multilated into peices??

Such people in a way represent how much we dedicate ourselves and respect our deities and sacred places. Goddess Durga, Pravati, Lakshmi, Sarasvati, Kali(ALL FEMALES)…And many more are Goddess and we preach them and when it comes to reality we rape them!

On a survey it has been found that in a decade rapes in U.P. have increased by 3 times and in India by 2 times.

And those people who have a mindset of silly views like “All muslims are terrorists”, I think you all got a crispy-salted-spicy blow on your faces. Please stop having such creepy mentality.

PLEASE lift up your mental level and think rationally.

It really does not matter to which religion you belong, all what matters is what kind of mentality and personality you have. I think all religion impart the message of honesty, mutual-respect, truthfulness and keeping views of high value.

I am not supporting or criticizing any religion, caste or any individual. I am criticizing the views we hold up that are completely trash and obsolete.

#Justice for Ashifa.


Proud of Criminals

I am awe struck to see the criminals and their proud over their deeds nowadays…

And the most interesting fact is that they do the same thing with others and pretend as if they themselves have been wronged by someone.

They spoil lives behind the shades and showcase their masked face of being utterly rational to the world.

I wish to break my silence…Just went through the news paper when I saw this article.

I am really amazed to see that people are protesting and writing against the thing which they know is being well performed by the male members of their own family. Shame! Shame on such people.

This is the only reason why in most of the cases the voices, the cries are curbed. The only thing is “badnaami”.

And people knowing that their own brother is spoiling lives of girls taking advantage of their minority, feeding his lustful desires are shamelessly spilling ink over the collars of other males (atleast first look into your own family!) and pointing fingers over other people. They certainly don’t realize that change starts from within. Not by pointing fingers and flowing words and getting them printed over papers. The same words need to have an impression upon the minds of atleast the one writing them. But sadly….They just know how to fulfill needs and pockets!28161899_1700525623346726_6641919576556844419_o

Social Ash

​Sikandar (on bike): save yourself O ladies cuz now I am here…yahoo speeding over 100!!..

Ustad (on road): hey you roadside Romeo has God taken your eyes away along with brain??

Sikandar (stops the bike): hey you P.A. of devil don’t dare to tech me ha…don’t you know I am Sikandar!

Ustad: nah! You are more like a bawandar(Tornado)…

Sikandar: you bloody…***…cheap***…moth**f***…sis***f***!!!...***,

Sikandar moves ahead…

 Whereas Ustad plans against sikandar follows him to his home along with his friends.

Few days later….

Ustad(on bus stop, to his friends): hey look! This is that same Sikandar’s sister na…come on it’s time for revenge. Her sister shall face the same what he said to my sister and mother…

Ustad and his friends grab the girl from the bus stop…they took her to a solicited area and did the same with sikandar’s sister what Sikandar said…but to ustad’s sister…

In the whole incident we met- Ustad and his friends and Sikandar.

The incident and quarrel and all the spat was between the two.


We also met one more person who was NOT AT ALL a part of this incident. sister of Sikandar. But ironically she became the merest victim of this rivalry…

Dear readers…it’s a message through an incident that we should think before we speak. Especially about somebody’s sister, daughter, mother or any other female family member. And also the fact of the matter is “Stop using such vocabulary and swear words. What you say no matter it keeps any value for you or not but can prove to be the most charging upon your sister your mother in fact.” 

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