This painting inspired and instilled me with some words. The importance of little but of great value, if we connect with nature then peace accompanied certainly. This painting just did not pop up as is it is but painted magnificently with the ink pouring from the heart of Miss Nandita Gupta from the poetic periscope. […]

via Tree — !ns¡ght

Thank you Aquib ji for that great collaboration!😊😊

Share happiness

We have numerous reasons to sigh upon…whether they belong to old past or are of some recent days, we forget the good we have in our life… why? 

Because we just share the bad things to our really close ones…but never utter a word about the good…

Let’s see how much we can share our little happiness, do comment and share☺…share to make others smile hearing the reason of your smile. 

# Here i share mine:-

I scored well in my National Level Examination. So the meritorious students were awarded laptops by the state government. And I was the only girl, seated among the students who scored highest.😀😀