Ahed has been arrested and the world has taken a vow of silence

Yes we should stand against injustice. We must see it.
Don’t embrace the hate.


Dear all the flag-bearers of women rights,

Your selective humanitarianism and feminism is hurting the cause of feminism more than a lunatic Islamic Mullah. Ahed does not intend to just benefit herself by empowerment but to stand against an oppressive regime which makes her a true humanitarian.

Every other Palestinian child

Ahed Tamimi is a 16-year old Palestinian teenager who was recently arrested by Israeli police in charge of assaulting an Israeli soldier and officer. Ahed has been protesting against the injustices of Israeli government on Palestinian land for years. Because of her opposition and simply the fact that she is a Palestinian, Ahed and her family has suffered a lot.

Just a day before her arrest her cousin was shot in head by a rubber bullet and tear gas was fired at their home. Israeli authorities arrested her mother and cousin as well. Prior to this incident her mother…

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You are that rain, 

Which dampens me up with sticky pains,

But the desire of your feel is such insane,

That forces me everytime to be standing out and facing up; feeling the first few drops of acid…

Drenching my heart heavily in that solicitous lane…


Life cycle

Stepping in the Past:-

Fingers numb,

Flashbacks run,

Tears roll up,

Words shiver,

Suppressing sobs,

Choking throat,

Lips stretch,

And bow down.

Like the flag,

Of a defeated army,

In the life’s battleground.


Stepping out the past:-

Fingers work,

Emotions numb,

Tired eyes,

Heated words of fight,

Suppressing anger,

Clearing throat,

Lips stretch,

And show up smile.

Hiding the hatred,

Like the mask,

People wear,

In the life’s battleground.


Hoping for the future:-

Fingers join; direct to God,

Wishes go up,

Spark in eyes,

Words of demand,

Melody from throat,

But shallow voice,

Lips stretch,

And make up excuse.

For wacky deeds all throughout,

Like the Cuckoo,

That appears sweet,

But kills the baby Crows,

For selfish motifs,

That grow in the little brow.


-Nandita Gupta.






तरक्की और तकनीक मेंं,

इस मुकाम पर पहुंचने के बाद भी…

इन्सान की समझ सिर्फ इतनी है कि-

उसे जानवर बोल दो तो बुरा मान जाता है,

और शेर बोल दो तो खुश हो जाता है!

A human

“तुम इन्सान नहीं जानवर हो!”

ये सुन के अब सोचना पड़़ता है,

कि यहां आज के इंसान को ऊंचा उठाने कि कोशिश की है,

या फिर से जानवर के बेजुबां होने का फायदा उठाने कि कोशिश की है?


“You are even worse than an animal”

This phrase compels me to think

Whether it has been said to lift up the character to today’s human.

Or as always just to take up the profit of the dumbstruck of animals?

 Reality is:-



It is sad that we all know the truth.

Still we dare to compare animals with us.