She wore her troubled past,

Like scars-

She had been through battle,

And though no one could see her demons,

They could see the face that conquered them…



“Listen to silence,

It has so much to say.”



Any man can take a good woman and treat her good and live happily ever after.

But only a select few can take a broken woman with a troubled post or present and show her what real is.

Build her upto the point where she feels as if only he can understand her…


Leave him,

For even if you die

this once,

You’ll be born again

To live

A thousand times

Without him…

A Man

A man is born through a woman

He is raised by a woman.

He falls in love with a woman.

He marries a woman.

And I am surprised at a man,

who doesn’t respect a WOMAN!



Has been

Through Hell.

So believe me when…

I say,

Fear her when she looks…

Into a fire and smiles!


It’s absolutely terrifying,

To let someone in.

Let them see,

The darkest corners of your soul.

The reasons why you cry,

And why they make you so happy.

It’s absolutely terrifying because,

They might run away with your secrets,

And never give them back…


I got some good quotations and I feel that they are worth sharing, they are quite inspirational.

I hope you all will like them.😊😊


Sometimes I stay up too late,

and I think too much,

and once again,

I feel you more than I should.

But I’ve always had a weakness for you,

Even if it’s just your memory.

The closeness we shared was rather a curse,

For we were never meant to be together,

Some planned plots were therefore needed,

To destroy those unplanned ‘plight-plots’,

For we were a part in each other’s life,

But we share only differences,

and hence shall never be a part of each other’s life…

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