A letter to Prime Minister

Honorable Prime Minister Of India.
Respected P.M., Greetings to you Sir. I am writing this letter being concerned about the safety of women and awareness and welfare of people in the country.

As nowadays crimes against women have become a matter of great concern, we need effective and lasting measures to be taken, in order to ensure the safety and security of women.

It is my humble request and also my great privilege to be able to put up this idea of including a chapter in the common text book of all streams of class ninth(9th) and tenth(10th) regarding the awareness about these crimes, the factors and situations which lead a person to commit such crimes, the social, mental and physical problems faced by the victim and the effects of happening of a crime not just on the victim’s life but also on the country as a whole.

This will certainly help children to learn better and setup a positive mindset in their very teen-age. With this, there will be a psychological and mental approach towards awareness of things and descretion of being able to judge between the right and wrong throughout their lives.

Thank you so much Sir for taking out time from your extremely busy schedule to read this letter.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours Sincerely,

Nandita Gupta

This is a letter I wrote recently to the honorable Prime Minister of India, putting up my humble request for a change.

I think if this idea is considered to be worthy of implementation, Hopefully it will bring about the change and complete(atleast to some extent) the purpose of introducing all this in text books.

In my views, if class 9th and 10th students are mature enough to understand about the Male and Female biological frame of body, and chapters like ‘The Reproductive System’ and ‘Puberty’ then, they must be mature enough to read and understand the consequences of crimes which happen daily in some region or the other region with not just women but girls and even very little female children too. Crimes such as Molestation, rapes, eve-teasing, public harassments and it’s worse affects on the victim’s social, mental and psychological condition as well.

If you really think this can help…Then please support this either by sharing or commenting or maybe in your own respective way…Because the fact cannot be denied that there is a dire need of change.

I know It will take some time but surely it will bear the fruit(Hope fully).

Nothing can be made cock-sure though. But atleast we should try with whatever we are upto.

Please do comment your views and advices regarding this, they are greatly welcomed.

But it is a request kindly read the letter completely and the post before suggestions.🙂


24 thoughts on “A letter to Prime Minister

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  1. That was great Nandita!! Hope PM would definitely listen to it? But in meantime I was wondering that this phenomenon of crime against women is now nit only limited to india.. if one look at world map every corner of this planet is affected by this virus? Is this virus is incurable, Just like HIV.. because it is history which proves the fact that women were never safe since the beginning of human origin. Even prehistoric excavation have proved that women were in that time too faced these henious crimes.. and it’s still going on in 21st century? 😢 So my mind has now got disturbed and with passage of time I have started developing a thought that women would never be safe whether it was 3500 B.C or it Be 7000 AD.

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    1. High hopes…But as you said this problem is across the whole globe…So here I have just tried out a plan…Let’s see if it works it maybe helpful as children will understand at their very teen-age how to respect each other as the male and female section of society…And if it turns out to be helpful then I think there is no harm in doing it across the globe..Like other countries may also implement this or maybe a really better way comes out…We should not stop trying…😊😊


  2. Reblogged this on !ns¡ght and commented:
    A very effective measure put forward to curb the growing crimes against women in India . We should definitely speak up and come think out of the box and scathe the cacoon to the have a glimpse of the other side. That would be enoght for us for the required adranaline to be the change we want to see.
    Please do read and share the views there. Good luck and keep smiling.

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  3. Bravo! I applaud this effort to start a process of change. Change has to start somewhere and people must speak up. I have recently been so impressed with the young people in the USA who are demanding a change in gun laws after the shooting and death of 17 in Florida. I hope they will find the strength to carry on and persist. I am of the generation that protested the Vietnam War. It took a long time and a concerted effort but the protests of that era did have an effect. I encourage you to carry on and I hope others will join you. Women are standing up for their rights in many places in the world. Look at the ME TOO movement. Now is the time. So I wish you all the best and I shall also pray for you and others campaigning for women in India.

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  4. That was a good blog nandita😁
    I just wanna say one thing won’t it be better that instead of starting books at classes 9th and 10th, won’t it be better to start it as early as the students join the school? Because our society is so much obsessed with “the man power” that they had already so much conditioned the mind of a kid of that age is subconsciously trained already enough to humiliate and disrespect girls, of course this is not in all cases. But if we instead train the subconscious mind of a kid to respect girls and to train him what is right n wrong, I think it would be better.
    There is a book, 7 habbits of highly effective people by steven covery the starting pages deal with the power of subconscious mind. Tell me what do you think?

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    1. You are right yagya…But you know another aspect of this is that if we start teaching all these things from the very childhood…There is a Possibility that the heart of the children would rather struck with fear and pain…Rather than blooming at the tender age…So I think if they become a bit mature and then we introduce all such things then they would understand better and will be able to discriminate between the right and wrong.


      1. Dont teach them pain or sorrow, dont tell them what bad has been done or can be done, just tell them to respect. I’ll give you a small example, the parents tell their kids to obey and respect their elders, everyone know what injust behaviour this generation is doing to their elders be it stranger, known one, or even their parents. They can hurt anyone. But still we dont teach them that kids have done this bad, that bad no we just try to instil that respect for elders in them. In the same way dont scare them or dont make them fearful, just teach them to respect. This is my proposition. Although I respect your opinion and its very correct, In the way you care about kids😁


  5. Warm and touching….
    BTW, do you entertain guest posts coz I think that my poems deserve much more recognition than they have ever got…..
    So if it is a yes, then do tell in the comments section of my blog, thereadingmuggle.wordpress.com
    Have a great day


  6. Very brave Nandita. I really really wish the PM pays attention to this and this does get implemented. It is important. But I think what would be more effective would be writing to the head of the HR ministry? I am not quite sure but I think so. Anyway, great efforts👏👏

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