If we take that worst day of life and think,

Why it happened that day? Why only me whereas there were many other people who seemed to be more welocoming to that incident. THEN WHY ME?

And we have no answer. We break down in distress and think that if we could somehow escape this world- Suicide.

Well, when we know that we were not in a way welcoming that wrong, we know that we,at our end were right that day. Then there should have been no  possibility of that happening to me. But still it happened.

When there are no possibilities that meet our way, then we should sometimes believe in impossibilites.

So, maybe what happened with us was a reaction to some wrong we did to someone…someday…maybe not in this life maybe, the previous life. 

We should learn and move on. Maybe being happy that yes we atleast had the punishment and now we no more have the burden of that wrong on our soul. ☺


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