They wait for the break of dawn,

She..waits for the darkest night to mourn.

They in the light of sun, light up their smile,

She hides her wounds of soul behind the previous night sold to wine. 

They look for merriment and ecstasy after a long dead grief and pain,

She waits for a bigger anguish to break on…to let the reasons of old miseries for crying go in vain .

A TRIBUTE! to this phenomenal womanly courage,

Not every one has the vigor to face all such outrage.

Yes! She made out in the darkest times to stand erect and brave,

She cries…not because she is weak..but because she just came to know how strong she is.

She is the only ‘She’ in herself Not because by her side she has a man..

But simply beacuse she is a woman and every ‘she’ is a phenomenal fe-male( Iron man).


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