The Mishap

​Oh! I remember the day,

The sun was hidden and the sky was grey.

The time was of bright noon,

But it seemed to be evening soon.

The clouds were growling around,

Carefree, we were playing in the ground.

We passed the ball from one to another,

Great fun we had with each other.

But, the time was very near,

To show its real colour.

The ball missed and went into the lake,

He ran towards the ball, to take.

Oh now there was a heavy rain,

But, the ball anyhow should not drain.

And just behind the missed ball,

There was that black electric pole.

A broken wire swayed from the pole,

But, at all he doesn’t want to miss the ball.

Unfortunately, he caught the broken wire,

And in no time there was a blunder fire.

The boy was badly electrocuted,

His beats of life completely muted.

No one ever thought of that havoc,

When all was none, our department finally awoke!


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