Unceasing Love

​It is a poem of a worthy loving couple,

Just of the religion of Love they were the people.

They loved each other with the soul of eternity,

Their faith and love had abounded infinity.

Slow and silent, they exchanged their soul of hearts,

And decided to unite as one out of two halves.

Dreaming the ecstasy and happiness of two world’s heaven,

The anxiously counted dawn and dusk all pretended as one.

But, there prevailed in dark, an unknown fatal risk,

Their destiny was being dissolved by the dark mist.

The supreme wheel of time took a sudden twist,

The ‘one religious’ minds caught the lover’s wrist.

The young gentleman belonged to the holy Islam,

Hinduism was the religion of the lady of charm.

The two young pollens belonged to the Super Religious farm,

So the love measuring the heights of depths was crushed in its arms.

Unfortunately, their love faded in the religious war,

And lost the destiny for which they always waited for.

But, this is not the sad end of the divine love,

From the limitations of life, their love stood above.

And this story furthermore became the symbol of love,

The story named as “The story of two loving doves”.

The place is special where they meet when the night arrives with Twilight,

“The moon of the Moon” is the worthiest place where doves live with pride and tide.


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