NIRBHAYA ‘Say-No More!’

The poem is based upon a real incident which took place in Delhi,India on Dec 16th 2012. The horrifying crime took the country in fear and stress. Although the victim was brutally beaten almost to death and was raped multiple times…still she had the courage to say “i want to live” is what inspires and empowers the fe-male (iron man) section of the society. After this incident the nation named the girl ‘Nirbhaya'(Fearless).


​From the soul of Nirbhaya, I am a voice,

Listen me! give your conscience a shaking rise.

It’s over. Such atrocities now no more,

For your hellish deeds we aren’t a whore.

Respect of girls isn’t a matter of any reason,

Why can’t you protect them from those demons?

Power with brain are the signature marks of a gentleman,

Then why these rapes are still not ban?

For your body let not those ‘No-Genders’ be a buyer,

For their mere insanity Set you revenge ablaze on fire.

Fight for yourself knowing that you are the strongest,

Show those nefarious the hell which felicitates them best.

Although for the absurdity of six joyriders I became a victim,

In front of my fatal wounds I found my life too dim.

To my ruptured and destroyed internal organs, I succumbed,

But if you think I am dead, you are voraciously dumb.

Because Nirbhaya is now no more confined to a body or soul,

Ah! I flow in pure blood and live in the hearts of pure Gold.

But Look! Where your wacky deeds have bugged you out,

Where I recite in millions of hearts you did not even get foul air to breathe out!

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